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Monday, July 11, 2011

Stress relief with Niko

a little while ago Casey, Katia, Shy and I meet with Niko. We did a Tampa Tanners video that I already shared but we also all got stress relief spankings to relieve some tensions we all had. Here's the video of my stress relief spanking with Niko.

And here's the Tampa Tanners video again from the same day It was alot of fun and Katia and I are planning on getting together with Niko again soon. I'm sure we will have lot's to share about that situation as well.

I haven't been able to write about some playtime that Thomas and I were able to get on Thursday. I got a babysitter and he and I spent some time together playing most of it was spanking related but he added in some sensation play for me that had me really going wild. I learned that I really like sensation play and Rope a whole lot LOL. We made a video of a discipline session as well that he took care of after our play. Although I am not so sure that after the play and all is a good time for spankings especially discipline as my senses were heightened so it hurt a whole lot more then it would have if we didn't play sexually first I am sure. I will have a promo of that video though it is already on my store now soon. If you want to see the video where he spanks me for not taking my medicine with a bath brush it is available at Cookie Crawford's clipsand The Cookie Jar spanking library studiostore.

He was going to use the wedding gift paddle that has been dedicated to my discipline but we have misplaced it and can not find it. Though I think it would have been a little easier to take with that but not by much. I really want to find that paddle though as it does have some very special meaning for us.

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